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Mobile Signal Booster GSM & 3G

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GSM &3G Repeater Dual Band 900 & 2100 GSM
Technical Details:
Power voltage: A/C 260 V
up-link 890-915
Down-link 935-960 MHZ
Frequency Range:
1920-1980 MHz (Uplink)
2110-2170 MHz (Downlink)
Output Power: 60 dB
Contrived Emission : <=-30dBm
Bandwidth: Wide Band
Covering Area: 200 Square feet
Power: 20dBm
Electronic Power control
Can be used in office, home and underground areas.

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Product Description:
A mobile phone signal booster is a state-of-the-art device that helps to boost the signals of cellular companies. This device is the eventual solution at those places where cellular companies are facing the problem of weak signals. Now, you can use the signal booster to enhance the quality of weak cellular signals. The overall fitting of the device is very easy. The device works with fixed antenna with absolutely no intrusion. In addition, you can also use the device to minimize the radiations of the cellular devices. This signal boosting device is best suitable for home, office and underground areas.
Features of Mobile Signal Booster:
Improves the signal power
Enhance the transmission quality
Minimizes cellular radiations
Longer battery life
Overall working and fitting of the device is on the easier side
Technical Support of Mobile Signal Booster Repeater:
A/C 260 V
Frequency up-link 890-915/1920-1980 MHz / Down-link 935-960 MHZ/2110-2170 MHz
Contrived Emission : <=-33dBm
Covering Area: 200 Square feet
Power: 27dBm
Electronic Power control
Available in Silver color
Can be used in office, home and underground areas
Installing Procedure of Mobile Signal Booster:
Affix the antenna on a higher place and point towards the booster
Attach the external antenna to the external pier with the wire
Attach the internal antenna to the internal pier with the wire also
Plug the adapter into the electrical socket
Mobile Signal Booster Includes:
Central Unit (Booster)
External antenna
Indoor antenna
Attaching Cox cable
Cable to connect the central unit to the internal antenna
Power Cable
User Manual


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